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The Majestone Foundation®

Vision 2015 & Beyond

What is The Majestone Foundation about?

With all this buzz about cord-cutting and streaming our entertainment being more affordable and at the same time convenient The Majestone Foundation would like to propose a concept that many would like to have transform the media, programming and selections to be more uplifting to society.

Imagine if you would a venue that would be full-fledged educational courses for all people in the world and in all languages. Imagine entertaining content that was pure and wholesome for all ages, even for the whole family.

The Majestone Foundation would like our visual & audio experiences to be enlightening, uplifting, joyful, true, beautiful & good. The human race has the values and vision to make this happen, we would only have to remove one element that stands in our way today: “Greed”.

How about when you turn on your TV, or your PC, or even use a portable device such as a laptop, tablet or phone, you are embraced by the warmth of care and concern for your safety, health & status in life?

We have all the tools in place right now to do just that; to use our technical expertise & resources to provide a ‘Health Net’ for all people in society. We could have the most amazing & beautiful world in all of time & space. But, we need to start thinking of each other instead of just ourselves. We have to be altruistic and giving instead of focusing on taking for ourselves and profit.

We can do it, I know we can. But, where are the like-minded people with the same vision, the other people with similar ideas? How can we unite with our combined talents & resources to bring about this transformation?

The Majestone Foundation would like to invite you to submit your ideas, your visions, your assistance by contacting us to form a core staff of helpers.

You can Email us or call us and leave your information on our company voice mail & we will get in touch with you about uniting our co-efforts.

Together we can change the world into the “Utopia” that we all dream of!!

Primary Staff

Chief Executive Officer -

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone

President -

Priscilla Brenda Christensen

Board of Directors -

The Majestone Divine Family Members

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®

Copyright© 2016 Christ Michael 611,121st®

Copyright© 2016 Childreamia®

Copyright© 2016 Majestone®

Internationa Red Alert Systems

The Majestone Foundation Operates the Universal Police Force which is a Global Ministry of Celestial Beings, Angels, Spirit Children, Men & Women who are a very powerful and effective Force spreading the True Gospel of Jesus for the salvation of mankind and to establish Peace on earth (Urantia.).

No Guns Allowed

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